Standard Features

• Compatible with Industry 4.0

• Stylish and ergonomic design

• Visual and audible warning

• High energy saving

• Easy Installation

• With the high steam system, the moisture instantly 

increase from 1%to 100%.

• Posibble to 3 air outlet speed in the Fan inverter.

• Fast warm-up

• Up to 25% decrease in baking time

• Equal and well-balanced baking

• User friendly design

• PLC touch screen panel

• Special glass protecting the heat

• Heat resistant three glazed

• Programmable wash mode.

• Wash in three different modes

(low, middle and high wash)

• Condensing hood. (During cooking the hood is

collecting water vapour in condensation pan and  then

it's evacuates the accumulated water and the oven)

• Chimney free

• Recipe transfer with the USB 3.0 feature

• Fan speed control system with 4 different cycle

cooking feature

• 3 liter replacement water tank volume

• Modular system

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Baking Tray Size
cm40 X 60
Baking Tray Size
Baking Tray Size
Baking Aream21.4
Door Entrancemm535
Steam Chimney Outlet Ø cm
Electric Connection
380 V / 50-60 hz / 3 Phase

Power Supplykw9
Power Range Hoodkw
Exterior Dimensionscm

W:92 / L:145 / H:5