We would like to take this opportunity to introduce briefly our company. Perfection is not Memak's goal, it is corporating cultures. Always aiming to achieve the greatest, quality is never compromised from production to sales and after sales at all stages, since the first machines fabricated by Memak in 1997 until today With an area of 80,000 M2 in 2022 Memak continues to operate steadily with 500 expertised employees.

We transform people's indispensable chocolate into a delightful tastes. For a good quality of chocolate, we create all the systems needed at each stage in a flawless way and carefully combine all the parts. For these reasons, we produce exquisite products that people enjoy very much while consuming. This passion and enthusiasm is the most important key to our success,.. It is our greatest motivation to know that we have our contribution is behind the branded chocolates produced by hundreds of customers we work with.

Memak closely follows the technological developments and Integrates them Into Its own system. The advanced R&D department has made the principle of developing
user-experienced innovations by successfully carry out the tests that will minimize the problems may arise in each product. Change is inevitable at every moment of your life. First of all. every one we work with and changing lives constitute the vision of Memak.

Memak has achieved to be among the best brands of the world in a short time by delivering products to 6 continents around 93 countries in perfect quality. It continues to increase this success day by day with innovating its products and developing the products range.