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Our enterprise have commenced along with our dreams of manufacturing technology for future in Selcuk Industrial Site in Konya, 1997, which have continued with moving to our new plant in 4. Industrial Zone with 45000 m² area, 16000 m² of which is enclosed with our 185-person team including 26 engineers and our technological equipments ranging from universal workbenches to CNC and LASER machines. And our enterprise goes on manufacturing chocolate producing machines and exporting them worldwide.

Thanks to our concept that treasures the customer satisfaction and product quality and valuing R&D studies most, Memak Machinery® successed in making a name for itself in business. This is an award for us and Memak Machinery® won this award by managing to become a formidable competitor to giant companies of Europe.

We take pride of exporting chocolate producing and packaging machines to more than 40 countries ranging from UK to China, from Russia to South African Republic, from India to Algeria, Bulgaria, Albania, Tunisia, Kosovo, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Cameroon, Morocco  

We are going to continue integrating constant development and investment on technology concepts with total quality on our steady progress of becoming one of the most preferred companies on manufacturing Chocolate Moulds, Chocolate Packaging Machines, Chocolate Production Lines and so many more of our products , we continue to extend R&D studies while being conscious of things we have succeeded thanks to your confidence and try to gain this confidence further.



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