Maximum Homogeneity with Memak Otto Mixer

  All bakers know that many pastries such as bagels, pastry and bread are perfectly swollen, porous and soft are the result of a good kneading process. Kneading process is now faster, effortless and more successful with Memak, Otto Series Fixed Bowl Automatic Spiral Mixer.

Thanks to the twin-engined working system, the Spiral Mixers provide a homogeneous mixture of the dough by rotating twice faster, and it performs silent and trouble-free operation with its pulley belts.

Otto Series Fixed Bowl Automatic Spiral Mixers allow you to control the desired mixing temperature with digital heat panels at any time while the amount of water your dough needs is flowing to the mixer with automatic water liters in its structure. Memak, which integrates the importance of the right timing into its products, can adjust the mixing time and discover the ideal dough consistency thanks to its dual-time electronic clocks in the structure of Spiral Mixers. While both the rotatable boilers and double speed motors are protected against damages that may occur in any situation also your safety is ensured with the protective covers.

Memak Fixed Bowl Automatic Spiral Mixers, which are produced from stainless steel, are ready to be the crown of your kitchen for many years with the varieties of different capacity in terms of your needs.