Memak which is a pioneer of oven and chocolate machine production in Turkey, took place in top 5 exporters in food machine category by reaching out over 60 countries.

Memak’s success was congratulated by Kutlu Karavelioğlu, CEO of MAİB (Union of Machine Exporters) which has been gathering over 13.000 companies under a single roof since 2002.

Karavelioğlu said : “We celebrate your performance that contributed our economy by taking your place between 5 most exporting companies in food machine products category and wish you a continued success.”

Mustafa ER as CEO of Memak who always states they started off with the perception of “always better”, said: “Our goal is to participate in building a strong and high-tech machine industry in Turkey. We all should do our best to achieve this goal.”

Turkish machine market has increased total export volume up to 5,8 billion dollars by increasing export income %6,5 in first four months of 2019 in comparison with the previous year. Er, very proudly because of their contribution to the economy said: “ Thanks all the participants of this success, my coworkers and the great Memak Family.”