Memak Istanbul Showroom Opens Its Doors

Memak continues to rise in the sector with its new investment in Istanbul in addition to its production area equipped with high-end technologies of 80 thousand square meters in Konya 4th Organized Industrial Zone. Memak’s new office, located on the way to Istanbul Basin Ekspres, met with its visitors as a showroom.

The showroom, which is open to everyone who wants to see and experience Memak products, has been designed as a high-level office where both memak products can be examined closely and detailed information about the products will be provided by the authorities.

Memak Chairman of the Board of Directors Mustafa Er said,  “Since the beginning of our establishment, we have tried to be a brand that does not compromise on quality and adopts perfection in all stages from production to after-sales service with our customer-oriented approach. As one of the leading brands in the sector, we have always developed strategies focused on growth and development. As a result of this, we aim to further strengthen and expand our connections with our customers and suppliers with our new office in Istanbul in addition to our production center in Konya.”