Memak Shows the Route in Bakery Products

Memak , which  has always been a pioneer  in quality , doubles the flavor of your products with the rotary bread oven “Rota”. Rota with the large internal volume , can cook at least 2500 products at one time. With the high energy saving technology , while reducing your cost dazzling with its stylish and ergonomic design. With Rota which has temperature between 50-100 centigrade, you can get crispy and exquisite scented products with homogeneous consistency . İnside and outside made of AISI304 quality stainless steel and covered with high efficiency combustion chamber.When the cooking process is complete and the lid remains open , it warns you with image and sound. You can save space by positioning the burner direction to the left or right, depending on your preference. Memak simplifies the work of bakers. Rota , protect the heat with high efficiency steam generator . Rota stopped itself when excessive vapor formation with automathic steam control feature.Rota extends the life of your products . Evenly distributes heat with  rotating platform . Rota provides the best baking setting for bakery products and waiting for meeting with skillful bakers.